KofC539 Knights assist St Joseph's parish as the "Strong Arm" of the church with hot water heater disposal.

Weighing almost 400 pounds and needing to be removed from a basement area, Knights worked together to lift the heater up a flight of stairs, out the rectory building and arranging for disposal.

We hope our effort at St Joseph's will motivate all parishioners of our 8 associated parishes to work closely with their pastors in helping them fulfill their mission, and we stand ready to be the "Strong Arm" of the Church.

KofC539 Knights Assist St Joseph's Parish and Join in Christmas Cheer

Thanks to all the Knights that helped deliver 5 food baskets to St Joseph's parish and assisting in their Christmas party. The council provided 2 pinatas for the kids enjoyment as well as presents and t-shirts as giveaways. Parishioners of St Elizabeth of Hungary were generous to provide numerous gifts to parishioners of St Joseph, continuing an ongoing tradition of giving. KofC539 also thanks Chef Jeff of STK Denver Restaurant for arranging for donation of 5 turkeys.

We were happy and honored to participate in our parish's community service activities and will continue to fulfill our mission of fraternity, charity and unity.