Mullen Home Patio Project.

Council 539 Denver participated in the renovation of an outside patio area for the senior residents of Mullen Home, a facility supported by Council 539 for 100 years. Under council member Dave Heon’s expertise as owner of “Dave’s Landscaping and Construction Company”, eight Knights and nine of Mr Heon’s employees demolished and prepared the area for a new concrete surface in early November. This was followed by 45 tons of road base donated charitably by Denver Concrete.The completed project will make it easier for residents to enjoy the outdoors and new patio area. The project, which Council 539 Grand Knight Marcus Gomez, Mullen Home facilities staff and contractors required several months to plan, was coordinated and executed expertly. As the men worked, the sisters in residence at Mullen Home provided both spiritual and earthly nourishment that no doubt contributed to the overall success of this project. Council 539 is deeply indebted to Knight David Heon and his company’s resources, which donated many hours of time and labor in this successful community service project, as well as Denver Concrete and feel blessed to serve the residents of Mullen Home.

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